Infographic for Maker Education

The Maker Movement has been a learning experience for me during this semester. I have found myself learning more each week in this world of making that gets me outside of my comfort zone. The different focuses each week in this course have enlightened me about this way of teaching and “operating” a classroom. In maker education, students have the opportunity to collaborate, think and share, personalize their learning, innovate, be modern-day “tinkers” and builders.

The Maker Movement has a bit of a learning curve in that learning is student-centered, versus teacher-centered.  Maker Education promotes a variety of habits that are ideal to instill in young learners that would be carried on throughout their educational lives. One trait of the maker movement which I believe holds much significance is: it’s okay to fail. For this reason, I developed an infographic for teachers to follow as “The Road to Maker Education”.

new-piktochart (1)


Learning in the Making: A Comparative Case Study of Three Makerspaces. Sheridan, Kimberly M;Halverson, Erica Rosenfeld;Litts, Breanne K;Brahms, Lisa;Jacobs-Priebe, Lyne. Harvard Educational Review; Winter 2014; 84, 4; ProQuest Research Library
pg. 505

The Maker Movement in Education. Halverson, Erica Rosenfeld;Sheridan, Kimberly M
Harvard Educational Review; Winter 2014; 84, 4; ProQuest pg. 495



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