WeVideo Remix

This first assignment asked us to create a remix using WeVideo that represents some aspect of Maker Culture or the idea of Making that resonates deeply with you. I initially began this process by brainstorming which aspect of making connected most with me. As I brainstormed, I felt that the part that resonated most to me is the theory that “we are born makers”. This was something that was shared in the Ted Talks video with speaker, Dale Dougherty, who emphasized the idea that everyone is a maker. Truthfully, this mindset was one that I didn’t believe applied to me initially. Sure, I create lessons and activities for my students, but I didn’t believe that I would be considered a maker.

Upon reflecting from the Ted Talk, I was able to apply this new knowledge to the way in which children develop curiosity in life, playing and touching, experimenting and doing. Being a first grade teacher, I see so many young students motivated to learn more, share their curiosity and create things using their imagination. As I made these connections, I recognize the importance of giving my students, and myself, the chance to create – and to fail.

My WeVideo highlights the theory that we are born to create. I included audio from the Ted Talk speech and added videos of young children playing, making and exploring. I also included the “end result” or the possibilities of outcomes with children who are explore their creative/maker side with videos of innovative inventions and professions in which children may pursue if given the chance to explore it’s qualities at a young age. Working with WeVideo wasn’t too challenging once I got the media imported. The most challenging aspect was finding the video clips and downloading them to import. I initially was using YouTube but found that wasn’t user friendly. I found Flickr to be one of the most compatible for this assignment and was able to find videos that applied to my remix.

Here is the link to my video. WeVideo Remix: We’re Born Makers



Gabe and the Playdoh Ice Cream Maker.” Flickr. Yahoo! Web. 20 May 2016.

“Ollie Baking.” Flickr. Yahoo! Web. 20 May 2016

“Emerson Encounters Lego.” Flickr. Yahoo! Web. 20 May 2016.

“We Are Makers.” Dale Dougherty:. Web. 21 May 2016.


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